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July 22-23, 2024 Gold Coast – Qld

Leading in Times of Crisis

Empowering Change and Recovery through Learning, Innovation and Adaptation
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Disaster & Emergency Management Conference brings together some of Australia and New Zealand's most dedicated sector leaders, professionals and service providers in the one place for two big days of learning, listening, strategising and conceptualising the future of the sector.

At DEMC24 we’re asking the BIG questions…

How do we navigate the current climate challenges to enhance resilience?

How can we introduce innovative approaches to community risk reduction?

What does interagency collaboration and communication look like in the near future?

How will we lead with strength, recruit and retain team members in the era of poly-crisis and the great resignation?
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United Leadership = Safer Outcomes


  • To support multi-sectoral collaboration and create a platform for knowledge sharing, case studies and learning opportunities to advance the outcomes of the D&E sector.
  • To give professionals access to the latest research, projects, programs and strategies to help meet the diverse needs of the D&E sector.
  • To share best practices, explore innovative concepts and facilitate meaningful connections to transform interagency collaboration and communication.
  • To provide real solutions with applicable takeaways for all D&E professionals as we walk into a challenging future.

Here’s a snapshot of delegates you can connect with at DEMC

DEMC brings together professionals across the Emergency Services, Fire, Police, Ambulance, Defence Force, Federal, State and Loccal governemnt, Private sector and climate change agencies, Volunteer services and Indigenous business and Universities. Typically we see delegates range from:

  • ADFLO (Defence)
  • Federal and State Government Heads of Departments, Directors and Coordinators
  • General Managers and Managers of Emergency Response and Emergency Services
  • Assistant Directors and Assistant Commissioners
  • CEOs and business owners and leaders (technology, communication, insurance)
  • Director, Coordinators and Unit Managers of Disaster Management Teams and offices
  • Clinical psychologists, mental health or allied health care workers
  • Area Controllers, Disaster response coordinators
  • Community Engagement Officers, Recovery Managers and Community Development
  • Economists, Futurists, Environmental Scientists

Yes! DEMC is for you if you’re looking for…

  • Honest conversations around what needs to happen to in our sector in order for the sector to be truly united and strong as we head into unknown challenges.
  • Up-to-date research and knowledge sharing.
  • Frontline workers sharing real information about what is happening in the moments that matter for our sector.
  • A break away from your every-day to focus on the future of the sector and network building with purpose.

Strategies – Unity – Transformation

Understand the current research and data around what the sector needs now, and what the immediate future means for you and your peers. Take this information back into your role, your organisation and your community.
  • Access to all recorded keynote presentations (30 days)
  • All recorded concurrent presentations (30 days)
  • Access to conference app
  • Printed symposium materials
  • Over 10 hours towards CPD points
  • Your personalised certificate of attendance

This is your chance to connect with your peers, emergency management personnel from state and local governments, frontline workers, NGOs, and other recovery agencies.

Have a break away from your inbox + the fun stuff

Get ready to enjoy:

  • An exclusive welcome networking function with drinks, canapes and entertainment
  • A 5-star catering package for the entire conference with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea
  • A special gift for returning delegates
  • The chance to win awesome prizes
  • Chillout mindfulness zones
  • Other fun things for all delegates

Keynote Speakers

Melanie Irons
Melanie Irons

Consultant Psychologist

More Info

Des Hosie

National Operations Advisor at Fire and Emergency New Zealand

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Brett Aimers
A/Prof Brett Aimers

Adjunct Associate Professor, James Cook University

More Info

John Price
John Price

Deputy Chief Executive Emergency Management and Director National Emergency Management Agency

Learn More

Mona Curry
Mona Curry

Emergency Manager, Board Member, Consultant. Hawaii

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Sarah Stuart-Black
Sarah (Norm) Stuart-Black

QSO Secretary General at New Zealand Red Cross

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James Hill

Mental Health Manager, Energy Queensland

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Wayne Snell

What we’ll cover at DEMC24

Leading in Times of Crisis: Empowering Change and Recovery through Learning, Innovation and Adaptation

Join us at DEMC and enjoy a renewed enthusiasm and energy for the sector, the people who make it possible and the teams working on the ground.
  1. Building Resilient Communities, Businesses and Infrastructure for Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

    • Voices of Resilience: Learning from Lived Experiences in Disaster Response and Recovery Services
    • Empowering Community: Education, Capacity Building and Social Cohesion for Enhanced Disaster Preparedness and Recovery
    • Business Continuity Strategies: Strengthening Organisational Resilience in Times of Crisis
    • Infrastructure Resilience: Enhancing Critical Infrastructure for Disasters Minimisation.
    • Volunteer and Community Engagement: Successful Initiatives Bolstering Disaster Resilience in response and recovery.
    • Economic and Financial Resilience: Strategies for Recovery and Stability in Disaster-Affected Individuals, Businesses and Communities.
  2. Promoting Safety, Inclusivity, and Ethical Excellence: A Comprehensive Approach to Emergency and Disaster Management

    • Sustainable Safety: Ethical Paths for Community Resilience
    • Inclusive Disaster Management: Empowering Indigenous and Diverse Communities
    • Ethical and Legal Dimensions: Navigating Dilemmas and Legal Challenges in Disaster Response, Resource Allocation and Decision-Making
    • Supporting First Responders: Programs and Initiatives for Post-Disaster Recovery and Aid.
    • Reimagining Volunteer Engagement: Strategies for Bridging Gaps, Attracting Diversity, Ensuring Sustainability, Maximising Impact and Navigating the Post-COVID Landscape
  3. Advancements in Communications and Technology for Enhanced Disaster Response, Public Safety and Recovery

    • Effective Risk Communication: Navigating Public Messaging including the Social Media and Information Dissemination during Emergencies and Recovery
    • Communications for Disaster Intervention Success: Connecting, Coordinating, and Saving Lives
    • Leveraging Technological Breakthroughs: AI, Drones and Innovative Solutions in Disaster Response and recovery, Early Warning Systems and Data Management
  4. Disaster Preparedness and Response: Strategies, Partnerships, Leadership and Innovation for a Resilience and Post-Disaster Recovery

    • Recovery and Resilience Building: Rebuilding Communities, Infrastructure, and Systems for a Sustainable Future
    • Harnessing Nature’s Support: Advancing Risk Mitigation through Nature-Based Solutions for Future Preparedness
    • Comprehensive Disaster Preparedness: Developing Plans, Assessing Risks, Allocating Resources and Engaging Communities
    • Adaptive Crisis Leadership: From Crisis to Action: Effective Operational Strategies, Navigating High-Stress Situations, Evaluating the Present, Envisioning the Future and Catalyzing Change
  5. Learning from Experience: Case Studies and Valuable Insights

    • Innovative Approaches to Community Risk Reduction: Case Studies and Practical Applications.
    • Response and Recovery Realities: Extracting Valuable Lessons and Best Practices from Real-life Experiences
    • Operational Insights: Response Experiences and Lessons Learnt from the Field
  6. Climate Challenges: Strategies, Adaptation and Environmental Conservation

    • Climate Adaptation Strategies: Long-term Strategies, Infrastructure improvements, Policy Shifts and Community Engagement.
    • Navigating Climate Challenges: Enhancing Resilience and Addressing Disaster-Related Environmental Impact including Frequency and Severity.
    • Indigenous Wisdom and Cultural Practices: Harnessing Traditional Knowledge for Climate Resilience and Conservation
  7. Shaping the Future: Innovations, Challenges and Global Collaboration

    • Leading the Way: Exploring Innovative Concepts and Anticipating Future Challenges
    • Navigating the New Normal: Recruitment, Retention, Leadership, and Resilience in the Era of Poly-crises and the Great Resignation
    • Interagency Collaboration: Strengthening Coordination Across Emergency Services, Healthcare and Governments
    • Medical Response and Preparedness: Enhancing Surge Capacity, Triage and Infectious Disease Management
    • Global Response and Cooperation: International Collaboration in Addressing Transnational Disasters and Emergencies

The DEMC Conference Committee

Des Hosie

National Operations Advisor at Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Learn More

Doug Caulfield OAM,RFD,FAIES

Principal Consultant, Emergency Management Network Solutions

Learn More

Dr Claire Cooper

Director, Policy and Planning, Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority ESTA 000

Learn More

Deborah Bunker

Chief Science Officer, Natural Hazards Research Australia

Learn More

Kenneth Murphy AFSM
Kenneth Murphy AFSM

Senior Manager Capability, Operational Capability and Training, NSW State Emergency Service

Learn More

Collin Sivalingum

State Emergency Services Manager, Red Cross

Learn More

Mark Layson
Rev. Dr Mark Layson CESM MAIES

Chaplain at NSW Ambulance

Learn More

Samantha Hodges

Military Psychologist, Australian Army

Learn More

Andrew Coghlan

Head of Emergency Services, Australian Red Cross

Learn More

Laura Cooper
Laura Cooper

Assistant Director, National Emergency Management Agency

Learn More

Dianne Gordon

Senior Director, Planning and Preparedness, ACT Emergency Service Agency

Learn More

Jenny Calder

Response Specialist, Northland Civil Defence Emergency Management Group

Learn More

Registration Options

$ 499 + GST

Virtual Rate

  • Live streaming of all keynote presenters
  • Live streaming of all sessions in the plenary room over two-day conference period
  • Virtual presentations
  • Complete online access to audio and visual presentations for 30 days*
  • Over 10 hours towards CPD points
  • Your personalised certificate of attendance

$ 1149 + GST

In-Person Rate

  • All keynote presentations
  • All concurrent presentations
  • Discounted accommodation rates
  • Access to conference app
  • 5 star conference catering package
  • Access to exclusive networking functions
  • Complete online access to audio and visual presentations for 30 days post-event
  • Printed conference materials
  • Over 10 hours towards CPD points
  • Your personalised certificate of attendance
  • Exposure for your organisation
  • Plus, chances to win great prizes!

$ 3,900 + GST

In-Person Group of Four (4 pax)

  • All keynote presentations
  • All concurrent presentations
  • Discounted accommodation rates
  • Access to conference app
  • 5 star conference catering package
  • Access to exclusive networking functions
  • Complete online access to audio and visual presentations for 30 days post-event
  • Printed conference materials
  • Over 10 hours towards CPD points
  • Your personalised certificate of attendance
  • Exposure for your organisation
  • Plus, chances to win great prizes!

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What People are Sayiing


“Interesting, relevant and diverse range of topic and speakers with exceptional knowledge and understanding.”

“Opened up a new world of knowledge.”

“Great venue. Great speakers & topics. Great catering. Great networking.”

“Very good cross section of local, state and national topics covered.”

“Very informative and a great variety of resources and guest speakers. Has been great networking.”

“Attending the conference it’s an amazing opportunity to network and exchange ideas and best practise across a very wide range of people and organisations.“

“I have loved this conference and gained a lot of valuable information.”

“Very well organised. Great presenters and the exhibit hall was great. Loved the engagement competition.”

“Excellent mix of attendees and leadership levels including decision makers.”



Monday, 22 July to Tuesday, 23 July 2024

DEMC 2024 will be held at:
RACV Royal Pines Resort Gold Coast



Accommodation Rates (GST inclusive)
Room Only $265 per night
Room + Breakfast for One $295 per night
Room + Breakfast for Two $325 per night

Accommodation is optional and can be booked during registration.

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