Mactaggarts Woolstore, Newstead, 1990.

Mactaggarts Woolstore, Newstead, 1990.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services: Mactaggarts Woolstore, Newstead, 1990.

Published on Sep 1, 2015 via Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

It was so big, the fire was sucking them in like a monster, Tom Dawson remembers. One of Brisbane’s fiercest fires, ferocious beyond belief, the 1990 Woolstore combustion shot flames though the sky, setting alight neighbouring buildings and leaving nothing but an empty, radiating shell. Substation Officer Tom Dawson stood trapped between two buildings as jets of fire leapt from one structure to the next, cindering all in their path. Within an hour of the building lighting up, the historic Woolstore was gone.

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