Emergency Response

How Can GPs Best Prepare For – and Respond to – Disasters?

Australia is a land of fires, floods, cyclones and drought. GPs also remain on the frontlines of a disaster well after the event itself has taken place. ‘After a disaster is when GPs come to…

Opportunities for emergency management volunteers

We are proud to share an exciting opportunity available for volunteers in the emergency management sector. The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) have just opened a round of the Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships program….

When is it OK to call an ambulance?

When would you call 000 for an ambulance? When a fall results in a nasty fracture? Concern that labour is progressing so rapidly that you’ll give birth before you can get to hospital? Weakness from…

The M7.8 Kaikoura Earthquake: Lessons in Social Media and Communication

At 12.02am November 14, 2016 the ground began to shake on the South Island of New Zealand. The earthquake ruptured along an approximately 180 kilometre length of the coast and displaced the ground horizontally and…

The Disaster After 9/11: First Responders Share Their Stories

On a hot August day in 2005, I met with Marian Fontana in a little cafe across the road from her firefighter husband Dave’s firehouse in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Marian and Dave should have been…

Virtual Reality, Drones and Big Data Changing the Way Firefighters Approach the Job

A new virtual reality technology promises to change the way firefighters safely train and prepare for particularly dangerous situations in the line of duty. Dubbed the FLAIM trainer, the Australian innovation is just being released on the market after being developed over the past two years at Deakin University in Victoria.

Queensland Government Ups Disaster Response Game With Gruntify

Queensland’s disaster response team has been armed with Cloud-based GIS technology and they’re never going back. There are more people than ever before in the path of wild weather, and the Queensland government has taken…

Drones Delivering Emergency Blood Could Save Lives

A northern beaches doctor who delivers critical care to patients in remote areas of the state says drones transporting blood could save lives. Dr Brian Burns, 43, will make the case at an international conference…