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    Melanie Irons

    Consultant Psychologist

About the Speaker

With a PhD and Masters in Psychology, Mel is an exceptional operator who has a keen interest in high performance and human potential across multiple domains. She has extensive experience in tertiary education research, psychological science, consulting, international keynote speaking, and is a multi-award-winning small business operator. Mel's PhD was in emergency management - studying emergent community groups that form online/offline during and after disaster events. She has presented at over 100 conferences, and her work post-bushfires was the subject of an ABC Australian Story in 2013. Mel has since moved into organisational development, with a focus on leadership, culture, and high performance in pressurised environments, working with organisations such as the St Kilda Football Club, Alcoa, Aurora Energy, PwC, Nyrstar, Cricket Tasmania, PTV, kikki-K, RMIT, APM, Microsoft, NAB, Westpac and Qantas.