New Victorian disaster app in time for summer

Shark sightings, floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis, and water safety warnings will be sent to users of a new Victorian emergency app to be released in time for summer.

VicEmergency will replace the FireReady app beginning in November, which will link to the website and provide timely information to users across the state.

The FireReady app is currently the official Victorian Government app for access to timely, relevant and tailored warnings and information in Victoria.

“The app will provide the community with warnings and incident notifications that are tailored to individual locations and watch zones,” Emergency Commissioner Craig Lapsley said in a statement.

The FireReady app, released six years ago, helped with the evacuation of residents during the Wye River Christmas Day fire that destroyed at least 116 houses.

For information on either VicEmergency or the FireReady app please click the links.