Toll Remote Logistics

temp camp
Image: Toll Remote Logistics provided a temporary camp and services after the Bundaberg Floods for the Queensland State Government in 2013.

Given the increasing occurrence of natural disasters in the Asia/Pacific, a proactive approach in disaster preparedness and response will provide Governments and the community reassurance knowing that immediate life support services can be supplied in a timely and affordable manner and meet the community’s expectations.

Toll, the Asia Pacific’s largest integrated logistics company, possesses considerable experience in Crisis, Disaster and Emergency management planning and service delivery.

Working in partnership with logistics specialists early allows governments, NGO’s and corporations to plan for events that are paramount to any emergency response and subsequent community recovery. This capability will reduce community vulnerability and enhance recovery and future resilience.

Toll is able to provide a wide range of support services and products to Government; Non-Government and Corporate organisations from the pre-preparedness phase; response; and finally the recovery phase.

With an established network of integrated logistics infrastructure in place throughout the Asia/Pacific region, Toll are best placed to work hand in hand with your organisation to ensure effective planning and efficient service delivery.

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