The disaster awaiting Pacific Northwest

tsunami disasterIt is forecast that an earthquake followed by a tsunami will happen on the pacific east coast of the US, and may result in 10,000 casualties and possibly displace a million people.

In a CBS news report it says some schools are preparing rooftop evacuation areas and other evacuation plans are in place but some people say they are not nearly prepared enough for what will happen.

A natural disaster that science says is just a matter of time is all about preparation and readiness and doing everything possible, so how can we best prepare for disaster in today’s climate?

The 5th Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference will be held at Jupiters Gold Coast, QLD on the 30-31 May 2016. The Conference theme ‘EARTH, FIRE and RAIN’ will continue to examine issues that impact preparedness, resilience, response and capability.

The program will provide all participants with an opportunity to contribute, learn and network with peers. It will examine the lessons learnt from recent national and international events and provide a comprehensive forum to examine the expertise, competencies and systems relating to our preparedness and response.

Risk Management in Australia and New Zealand requires investment in assessment and mitigation. How will this be managed at both State and Federal levels? What are the constraints on meaningful collaboration?

The Conference Program will include an extensive range of topics with Keynotes, Concurrent Sessions, Case Studies, Panel Discussions and Poster Presentations. Topics will include:

  • International Response to Disasters
  • The Recovery Process
  • Understanding and Enhancing Resilience
  • Volunteers in Emergencies
  • Crisis Leadership
  • Psycho-Social Implications of Disaster Management
  • Emerging Technology and Capability Needs
  • Urban Search and Rescue
  • Open Topic
  • Consequence Management – from Preparation to Business Continuity

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The 2016 Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (ANZSAR); Land, Sea & Air will follow the Disaster and Emergency Management Conference on 1st June which aims to tackle the issues and challenges in Search and Rescue and continue the support of professional development in new training, techniques and requirements.

Special discount rates are being offered to those that wish to attend both Conferences. To register for both Conferences CLICK HERE.