Tasmania Police remind drivers to buckle up their pets

Seatbelts are not only important for human passengers, with drivers running the risk of being slapped with a hefty fine if they don’t buckle up their pets when travelling in the car.

Tasmania Police inspector John Ward warned that dog owners who failed to protect their pooches could face a $159 fine and injure or kill their pet if they were to crash.

Border Collie Drama is strapped up in a dog seatbelt. Picture: MATHEW FARRELL

“Tasmania Police recommend pet owners restraint their pets effectively while travelling inside a vehicle or on a utility’s tray,” he said.

”The dangers are obvious to an animal that falls from a moving vehicle.

“The flow on effect from an animal falling from a moving utility or other vehicle is that the animal may cause a crash, particularly where another vehicle swerves to avoid a collision, loses control and crashes into another vehicle, pedestrian or otherwise.”

Dog trainer Maddie Johnson said there were harnesses for both big and small dogs.

“It’s best to look for a harness that’s been crash tested, fits the dog appropriately, is easy to put on and is comfortable for the dog,” she said.

“A lot of people want their dog riding next to them but it’s actually a lot safer to have them in the back in a secure travel harness.

“If we’re ever in a crash or hit by a car it’s important that our dogs are protected because if airbags go off they run the risk being suffocated.”

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