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Why inability to cope with uncertainty may cause mental health problems

Not knowing is an uncomfortable experience. As human beings, we are naturally curious. We seek to understand, predict and control – it helps us learn and it keeps us safe. Uncertainty can feel dangerous because we cannot predict with complete confidence what will happen. As a result, both our hearts and minds may race. While

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Workers too scared to take mental health leave

Mental health leave is becoming increasingly common yet more than half of workers are too scared to take it. Two thirds of jobseekers surveyed by SEEK feel society has become more accepting of workers taking a mental health day to deal with conditions such as depression, burn out or anxiety. Still, 55 per cent have

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Supporting the Social and Emotional Wellbeing and Recovery of Babies, Young Children and Families Impacted by Natural Disasters

Natural disasters such as floods, fires, cyclones, earthquakes, tsunamis and droughts can have a significant short or long term physical and emotional impact on all ages, regardless of whether one is directly or indirectly affected. Babies and young children are particularly vulnerable and can easily become distressed and experience more fear and anxiety than adults.

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Landmark study into firefighters’ mental health

The University of Adelaide is conducting the first study of its kind into the mental health of professional firefighters at South Australia’s Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS). The six-month study is focusing on the health and wellbeing of currently serving and recently retired firefighters, systematically investigating the effects of regular exposure to traumatic events. “Currently there

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