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The National Gender and Emergency Management (GEM) Guidelines

The National Gender and Emergency Management (GEM) Guidelines are high level and strategic guidelines. These have been devised specifically as a gender-sensitive approach to the planning for and delivery of disaster relief and recovery. Specific examples are provided to indicate ways that States and Territories can operationalise them within their own context. Using these GEM

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How Can GPs Best Prepare For – and Respond to – Disasters?

Australia is a land of fires, floods, cyclones and drought. GPs also remain on the frontlines of a disaster well after the event itself has taken place. ‘After a disaster is when GPs come to the fore, when the community is still recovering but everyone else has left,’ Dr Burns said. Many disasters have a

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Disaster Management with 3D Laser Scanning

The 2018 Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference is almost here again, this year the Conference will be held over the 21-22 May at The Star Gold Coast. Mr Rhett Tronc, Account Manager for Public Safety-Forensics and Mr Andrew West, Applications Engineer for Public Safety-Forensics at FARO Singapore Pty Ltd both join

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What’s On at the 2018 Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference?

Take a look at what’s on at this year’s Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference and discover who you can meet, what you can learn, and how you can actively contribute to the future of the disaster and emergency management industry.  2018 Keynote Speakers Featured speakers at the Australian & New Zealand Disaster and

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Wujal Wujal’s New Wifi Brings Vital Communication Link During Wild Weather

In cyclone-prone far north Queensland, a new community-wide wifi network has been installed in the state’s smallest shire in a bid to solve problems during severe storms that often leave the town of Wujal Wujal completely isolated. Wujal Wujal on Cape York Peninsula suffers major challenges during heavy rain, with all roads out of town

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Virtual Reality, Drones and Big Data Changing the Way Firefighters Approach the Job

A new virtual reality technology promises to change the way firefighters safely train and prepare for particularly dangerous situations in the line of duty.

Dubbed the FLAIM trainer, the Australian innovation is just being released on the market after being developed over the past two years at Deakin University in Victoria.

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What’s the Future for Fire Protection in Australia?

The Grenfell fire disaster in London serves as a stark reminder about why properly installed and maintained working fire protection systems are so critical. While the cause of the Grenfell fire is not yet known, the extraordinary speed at which the fire spread is widely believed to have been aided by the building’s recently added

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Queensland Government Ups Disaster Response Game With Gruntify

Queensland’s disaster response team has been armed with Cloud-based GIS technology and they’re never going back. There are more people than ever before in the path of wild weather, and the Queensland government has taken steps to improve their ability to act quickly. Ditching their old manual methods of reporting, they’ve adopted Gruntify. Gruntify is

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Training For a Nightmare: How First Responders Prepare For The Worst

As rescuers scanned for life in sub-zero temperatures after the Thredbo landslide, the dangerously unstable site and freezing conditions stalled search efforts and caused equipment to seize. One of Australia’s most popular holiday spots became the site of one of our greatest tragedies when 18 people died in the landslide in 1997. It marked a

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Facebook Trials Australian Bush Fire and Disaster Planning Feature

Facebook is trialling a location data-driven feature which it believes will help authorities combat bush fires in Australia, as well as tackling other disasters around the world, and it hopes to have the feature ready to roll out before summer. Speaking to The Australian Financial Review while in the country for the Office of the Australian Information

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