Session speaker announcement: Mr Doug Caulfield, Principal Consultant, Emergency Management Network Solutions on consequence management

doug coalfieldWe are pleased to announce session speaker Mr Doug Caulfield, Principal Consultant, Emergency Management Network Solutions who will speak at the 5th Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference 30-31 May 2016.

Mr Doug Caulfield will speak in the Oral stream on ‘Consequence Management; from Preparation to Business Continuity’.

Gippsland with its vast natural resources of coal, oil and gas is a major source of energy for Victoria with a number of independent generators (both thermal brown coal and gas fired), associated brown coal mining activities and high voltage transmission and distribution systems. These generating and transmission facilities provide more than 90% of Victoria’s electricity supply. Similarly, the Oil and Gas Sector based in Gippsland is a major supplier of energy to Victoria. Water supply is also an essential component in power generation. Pulp and paper production is also one of the Latrobe Valley’s major employers.

With this high concentration of essential industry and critical infrastructure within a relatively compact geographic area, combined with the inherent operational inter-dependencies (gas, water, high voltage transmission networks etc) the need to involve key stakeholders in joint emergency management planning emerged. The need to plan for, respond to and recover from emergency management (and possible security related) incidents within these essential industries was the catalyst for the formation of the Central Gippsland Essential industries Group (CGEIG).

CGEIG membership now includes electricity supply, oil & gas supply, water supply, paper production, major suppliers, Emergency Service Organisations and State & Local Government. The CGEIG is focused on events that have industry wide implications, rather than those which can be isolated to one production Site.

The CGEIG takes a regional approach to major incidents and recognises the strategic importance of these facilities to Gippsland and the State of Victoria. The group provides a forum for Industry, Emergency Service Organisations and Key Government bodies to liaise and collaborate on Emergency Management and Security issues.

The presentation seeks to explore the background to the formation of CGEIG, the rational behind the operation of the group, its structure and governance arrangements, previous successes and its aspirations for the future.

Doug has been involved in human resource management and, for the past 20 years, emergency management in the Gippsland region of Victoria.

He has been a regular guest lecturer at the Australian Emergency Management Institute at Mount Macedon and was recognized in the Australia Day Honours list in 2010 with the award of the Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the community of Gippsland through a range of ex-service, sporting and local government organisations.

In parallel to his ‘civilian’ career Doug has served over 41 years in the Australian Defence Force as a reservist and been awarded the Reserve Force Decoration together with a First and Second Clasp to that award. Doug officially retired from the Australian Defence Force on 8th December last year having reached compulsory retirement age and attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.
In 2011 he was awarded the National Emergency Medal for work in the Victorian Bushfires of 2009 and has been granted the Defence Medal for his service in the reserve.

Recently he was awarded a Regional Commendation by Victoria Police for his work in training Victoria Police members in various aspects of Emergency Management.

He is the Vice President of The Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund, Vice President of The Order of Australia Association – Gippsland Regional Group, and Vice President of a local Gippsland football/netball club. He lives in Traralgon, where he operates as a self-employed consultant in emergency management working with local councils and emergency service organisations in the region.

The 5th Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference will be held at Jupiters, Gold Coast, QLD, 30-31 May 2016.

The Conference theme ‘EARTH, FIRE and RAIN’ will continue to examine issues that impact preparedness, resilience, response and capability. To register for the conference CLICK HERE.