Improve Your Search and Rescue Operations

Dedicated search and rescue stream now featured in the
2020 Disaster & Emergency Management Conference program

Unite with your fellow workers to share knowledge and experiences in planning, conducting and carrying out search and rescue operations.

Formally the Australian & New Zealand Search & Rescue Conference, a singular stream of presentations solely dedicated to search and rescue now form part of the 2020 Australian & New Zealand Disaster & Emergency Management Conference program.

Over two days, this program stream will highlight all case studies, developments, challenges and opportunities faced by search and rescue workers.

Gain insight from professionals discussing the many factors of air, land and sea operations, or get actively involved in the program and share your own experience.


Leadership in SAR: shaping the future
Making tough calls in times of crisis and major disasters
SAR risk reduction
Mental health interventions at major SAR occurrences
Compassionate care: organisational responsibility when disaster strikes
Training / self-care and wellness for a sustainable career
Culture: political influence, political agendas and internal politics
Funding: lack of resources – people, money, equipment and time
Recruitment and retention of skilled staff
Volunteer management

Information management: expectations and consistency
Communication, procedures and systems
Collaboration between government, community and private organisations: aligning resources, interstate differences and relationships between them
The role of new and emerging technologies
Social media use in disaster response
Risk communications with data visualisations
Media’s role in SAR

Community engaged preparedness
Managing spontaneous volunteers
Changing the culture through prevention

Presentation Styles

20-Minute Presentation

Share your latest search and rescue methods, developments, efforts and challenges with a 20-minute oral presentation.

Table Top Presentation

Table Tops involve multiple presenters, with each presenter at a round table of up-to 8 participants. Presenters change tables every 14 minutes to present to a new round of participants.

Poster Presentation

Visually display your research, case-study and developments in search and rescue on a poster, on display in the conference exhibition area.

Save the Date

Friday 29th May – Abstracts Close
Friday 12th June – Presenter Acceptance & Declines
Friday 19th June – Acceptance of Presentation Slot
Tuesday 23th June – Program Available
Friday 10th July – Early Bird Pricing Closes
Friday 17th July – Presenter Registrations Due
Friday 4th September – Peer review Papers Due
Friday 4th September – Non-peer Review Papers Due

Program Committee

Mr Rhett Emery
NSSP Coordinator, New Zealand Search and Rescue Council

Ms Louise Proctor
Manager Response Policy, Australian Maritime Safety Authority

Mr Martin Boyle
Projects, Planning & Risk Manager, Australian Antarctic Division

Mr Dean Storey
Deputy Commissioner
Marine Rescue NSW

Mr Stephen Leahy
Subject Matter

Senior Sergeant Jim Whitehead
Queensland State Search & Rescue Coordinator & Training Officer, Queensland Police Service

Mr Mark Cattell
Assistant Chief Officer, Victoria State Emergency Service





Application for Volunteer Registration

$620 for a Two-Day Registration

Submit your application via the below form. All applications will be reviewed weekly, with each applicant is required to provide evidence of their volunteer status and/or position.

Volunteer Registration Applications Close Friday 29 May 2020.