Reconstructing Queensland – progress, challenges and learnings

Three years on from the devastating flooding and cyclones of 2010-11, the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA) is managing a reconstruction program relating to 34 Queensland natural disaster events, and totalling more than $14 billion.

Since 2011, the Queensland Government’s capability in disaster reconstruction has increased with each successive disaster event, as the QRA continuously improves its systems and processes to streamline reconstruction activities.

Major General Richard Wilson, Chair, Queensland Reconstruction Authority will answer a number of questions at the Australian and New Zealand Disaster & Emergency Management Conference, 5 – 7 May 2014:

  • What progress has been made in Queensland?
  • How has the QRA shaped its structure and systems to move with the changing requirements of the program?
  • What impact will international trends have on the Queensland reconstruction program?
  • What are Queensland’s long term strategic requirements for disaster reconstruction, and how are these being implemented?


To contact the Conference Secretariat:

Ph: 07 5502 2068

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