Preparing people for all the consequences of emergencies

The 6th Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference will be held over the 22 – 23 May at The Star Gold Coast, Queensland.

Mr John Richardson, National Coordinator-Preparedness with the Australian Red Cross joins us in a few weeks on the Gold Coast to discuss Psych-social Preparedness: Preparing people for all the consequences of emergencies’.

After a review of Red Cross Rediplan in 2014/5, we focussed upon supporting people to build resilience around their thoughts, and feelings, and their relationships and networks. These two elements are at the core of what is defined as psycho-social .

Mr John Richardson

Red Cross provides psychosocial support before, during and after emergencies; which is based on five basic principles; promoting a sense of safety, promoting a sense of calm, promoting a sense of self and community efficacy, promoting connection, and instilling hope.

Applying these principles in a pre-emergency context helps link recovery directly with preparedness.

Most disaster preparedness programs focus upon how to survive a hazard. Few programs focus upon the consequences of the hazard. Surviving the hazard is but one element of a person’s disaster journey.

To help people to prepare for the hazard, and its consequences, Red Cross has adopted a psychosocial approach to its preparedness activities. Psycho-social preparedness refers to the practical, psychological and social actions a person takes to prepare themselves for the impacts of an emergency. These actions include: acquiring knowledge about threats; building their capacity to take care of themselves and others, both psychologically and practically; and increasing their social networks  .

This paper will outline how Red Cross uses the principles of psycho-social support in possibly a world first way to guide its preparedness activities and how this complements hazard survival programs conducted by emergency services agencies.

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