Online alerts scheme for emergencies – Alert SA

A promotional campaign has been launched for the new multi-Agency website and app Alert SA, which can send real-time alerts about emergencies and day-to-day disruptions to phones, devices and desktops.

Alert SAThe Alert SA website and mobile application are managed by the SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM) and bring together information from up to 14 organisations, including Emergency Service Agencies, Government Departments and others, such as the Bureau of Meteorology and SA Power Networks.

Minister for Emergency Services, Tony Piccolo said it was a comprehensive source of information about events and warnings — from fires, floods, storms and power outages to school closures and traffic and transport disruptions such as roadworks.

“Wherever you are, we can now keep you in touch with the information that is important to you,” he said.

Mr Piccolo said people would be able to create personalised “watch zones” so that they received alerts about events and warnings in areas of interest to them, such as their home, work or places they frequently visited.

“People will be able to set up alerts for bushfire warnings close to their home and get information about school closures on high fire danger days,” he said.

“They’ll also be able to get information about day-to-day disruptions so they can change their route to work to avoid roadworks or other traffic disruptions.”

Mr Piccolo said information that had previously been available from a variety of sources would now be easy to access in one place.

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