Keynote speaker announcement: Associate Professor Brett Aimers, James Cook University on Overcoming Pernicious Traditions

Brett Aimers 2We are pleased to announce Associate Professor, Brett Aimers from James Cook University who will be speaking at the 5th Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference 30-31 May 2016.

With the Asia Pacific region as the most disaster prone region in the world, increasingly, as a region, we are experiencing a greater frequency of severe, catastrophic or out of scale disasters with more devastating and wider reaching consequences. Evolving weather and climatic patterns are contributing to fires starting easier and burning harder, flood waters moving quicker and traveling further and a heightened incidence of opportunistic epidemics.

In the past decade alone, a person living in the Asia Pacific region was thirty times more likely to be affected by a natural disaster as a person living in North America or Europe.

Arguably, this places, or should place our more traditional approaches to disaster planning and management under the microscope to ensure they are contemporary and considerate of an ever-changing hazard landscape.

This presentation will focus on the perils of us not effectively embracing lessons from recent history and explore a number of concepts to help recognise, respond to and overcome pernicious traditions. One such concept is that of creative disobedience; that is, creating a culture within an organisation or structure that permits and enables the injection of innovative solutions to novel disasters.

Brett provides expert advice and Masters level education on disaster and emergency management systems and concepts. Brett holds other adjunct appointments including at the Torrens Resilience Institute where he has a role in promoting the importance of disaster resilient communities.

Through James Cook University, Brett is involved in a multi-national project, led by the World Health Organisation, exploring global best practice associated with operating public health Emergency Operations Centres.

He has an extensive disaster and emergency management background with experience at the State and National level which includes performing senior operational roles during the Victorian heatwave emergency, the H1N1 pandemic and the 2011 Queensland floods. Brett played a significant role throughout the Victorian Black Saturday bushfires and was awarded the National Emergency Medal for his efforts in helping to lead the whole-of-health response.

As well as being the immediate past Chief Professional Officer for St John Ambulance Australia and a Registered Nurse with post-graduate qualifications in critical care, clinical education and management, Brett is also a National Director with the Australian Institute of Emergency Services.

The 5th Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference will be held at Jupiters Gold Coast, QLD on the 30-31 May 2016. The Conference theme ‘EARTH, FIRE and RAIN’ will continue to examine issues that impact preparedness, resilience, response and capability.

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Delegates may also wish to attend the 2016 Australian and New Zealand Search and Rescue Conference (ANZSAR); Land, Sea & Air which will follow the Disaster and Emergency Management Conference on 1st June discussing the issues and challenges in Search and Rescue and continue the support of professional development in new training, techniques and requirements.
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