Setting the standard for disaster management – the podcast

Queensland is committed to disaster management excellence, and the safety of all Queenslanders. The Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management has been charged with establishing the means to provide confidence in the disaster management system.  Last year we hypothesized on how we might achieve this, this year we can discuss what has been produced, implemented and is contributing to continuous improvement across the sector.

At the forefront has been the Emergency Management Assurance Framework which, supported by legislation, has established Queensland’s and arguably Australia’s first Standard for Disaster Management. The Standard will ensure that all stakeholders know their responsibilities, what outcomes they need to achieve and be able to demonstrate that this is the case.

The challenge to the sector is now to broaden our thinking past our organisational boundaries, to truly identify, collaborate and partner with all those that can contribute to DM excellence, ensuring a truly comprehensive approach that is not biased towards any one component.

Emergency Management Queensland

This is the adress Mr Iain MacKenzie, Inspector-General, Office of the Inspector-General, Emergency Management Queensland, gave at the Australian and New Zealand Disaster Management Conference in 2015.

The 5th Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference will be held at Jupiter’s Gold Coast, QLD on the 30-31 May 2016. If you wish to present at the conference visit the website for details.