Emergency Response Time At Risk

     |    27th Apr 2013 6:00 AM

EMERGENCY response times are at risk due to the extensive Range works.

Despite Queensland Fire and Rescue contingency plans, the already overrun crews are facing anxious waits behind trucks both up and down the Warrego Hwy.

Station officer and United Firefighters Union delegate Tony Guse said officers were frustrated at the inability to pass traffic banked up in the roadworks.

“We’ve put in place contingency plans by sending the auxiliary crew from Helidon toward Toowoomba while the unit responds from in town,” he said.

“But there’s likely to be a delay in returning those units to assist the Anzac Ave auxiliary crew.

“That delay in getting them into the station could be the delay that leads to a tragedy.”

Crews rely on motorists to clear the path for emergency vehicles, which Mr Guse said wasn’t always possible.

“The trucks simply can’t move out of the way and anytime we come up behind a truck, we’ve got to wait for them,” he said.

Mr Guse said the same situation fronted police and ambulance crews…

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