Disaster Management with 3D Laser Scanning

The 2018 Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference is almost here again, this year the Conference will be held over the 21-22 May at The Star Gold Coast.

Mr Rhett Tronc, Account Manager for Public Safety-Forensics and Mr Andrew West, Applications Engineer for Public Safety-Forensics at FARO Singapore Pty Ltd both join us at the Conference to discuss ‘Disaster Management with 3D Laser Scanning’.


September 4 2010 the first Earthquake to strike Christchurch Canterbury, New Zealand (NZ), was recorded at the magnitude of 7.1 on the Richter scale. On 22nd of February 2011, a second major earthquake struck Christchurch, measuring 6.3 magnitude. Hundreds of smaller earthquakes followed resulting in the loss of 185 people’s lives, a city rebuild estimated at $40 billion and insurance claims totalling over $15 billion. March 2013 saw a KPMG survey provide as much as $1.5 billion could be taken through fraudulent claims. Traditional methods were used in the recording of assessments (paper based / little to no photo evidence). These methods of reporting were prone to inaccuracies, extremely time consuming and very costly.

As a former Field Operations Team Leader for the NZ Earthquake Commission, the use of FARO focus laser scanners would have allowed investigation teams and recovery teams the ability to document (record) large and small scenes rapidly. Major event scenes as experienced in Christchurch required intense and methodical investigations to collect factual evidence. This evidence could be used in the recovery of life or in protracted insurance assessments and criminal investigations (specifically fraud).

The FARO focus laser scanner is a highly compact and portable documentation device that is easily transported rapidly by the trained user to anywhere across the globe. The FARO laser scanner requires no lengthy technical survey grade setup or levelling, the unit can be operated remotely via smart devices protecting the user from sustained periods in noxious or dangerous environments, as existed in Christchurch. The unit is highly adaptive with the ability to be used with or without a tripod allowing the documentation of confined spaces and reducing contamination and corruption of scenes. FARO laser scanners would be an incredible investment for any disaster management unit, government investigative body or emergency service.


Mr. Rhett Tronc is an experienced professional with over 25 years, successfully leading complex and diverse teams in a range of key customer facing industries including business (franchise models), education (RTO), law enforcement, disaster recovery and more. A highly motivated, solution driven and client focused individual, with strong problem-solving ability, commitment and desire to task. He is a professional, discreet and calm in challenging and pressure situations with a strong training background, capable of delivering dynamic and interactive workshops across a variety of industries.


Mr. West has served for more than twenty years in Law Enforcement as a Police Officer both in the United Kingdom Home Office and Western Australian Police. Mr. West successfully developed a diverse career as a Detective Investigator (CID), Major Fraud Investigator and Forensic Major Crime Scene Investigator (CSI). Mr. West holds a graduate diploma of forensic sciences from the University of Western Australia and specialized in the forensic disciplines of: Blood Pattern Analysis, human remains recovery, Ground Penetrating Radar, Disaster Victim Identification, clandestine drug laboratory processing and crime scene reconstruction. Mr. West has hands on forensic experience with X and S series FARO laser scanners, having served as a Forensic Surveyor/Draftsman with the Western Australia Police Crime Scene Reconstruction Unit. Mr. West is an experienced police 3D documentation specialist for major crash and homicide cases and has presented evidence at all levels of the judicial system.

For more information on the 2018 Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference and to secure your spot, visit the conference website.