Deanmac Emergency Services reflects on the Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference

The Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference theme, EARTH, FIRE and RAIN was created around providing a platform of comprehensive discussions to ensue on disaster prevention, readiness, response and recovery. Deanmac Emergency Services was delighted to take this opportunity to discuss and provide an overview of the fire hazards in Australian coal surface mines. In particular, the Victorian Hazelwood mine fire that commenced on the 9th February 2014 and burnt for 45 days provided valuable lessons. The Hazelwood surface mine fire effectively consisted of two emergencies – a complicated fire emergency and a critical public health emergency. It proved to be the greatest and most prolonged burning surface mine fire in Gippsland, Victoria. Following the same narrative of the conference that having a thorough understanding of a disaster can lead to having suitable prevention measures, adequate readiness and appropriate response in the face of such possible disasters as surface coal mine fires.

Deanmac Emergency Services also exhibited at the conference based around providing awareness, support and expertise in first response on site services and fire protection systems. In particular, we have been seeking to focus building and facility managers that corrosion is found in all fire sprinkler systems and is one of the leading causes of maintenance and operations failures for such life safety critical fire protection systems. The manifestation of internal corrosion in fire protection systems is a major issue that represents a severe unseen risk in both the probability of failure and/or inadvertent activation, discharge and deterioration in fire protection systems.

DeanMac CorrosionThis results in serious impairments to operational reliability and performance reliability. Corrosion was a significant issue in the fire protection systems for Hazelwood mine fire. Deanmac Emergency Services continues to highlight the need for prevention of corrosion and premature failure. Thus, allowing for the extending of the life and performance of fire protection systems.

The Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference provided a great chance to create new networks and engage in range of discussions with our peers. It proved to be a prime platform to facilitate the sharing and knowledge on risk management, resilience and innovative technologies that have been emerging.

Deanmac Emergency Services appreciated the diverse range of subjects based around the main theme and look forward to the next conference been as thought provoking.

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