Communication Capacity Increased

QUICK CONNECTION: Deputy Mayor David Batt and Central Queensland and Sunshine Coast Telstra Country Wide Area general manager Kris Carver inspect the new 700Mhz server installed in North Bundaberg. Photo: Jim Alouat / NewsMail

THE increased capacity provided by Telstra’s 700MHz spectrum will help manage data traffic during large-scale incidents such as natural disasters.

The NewsMail reported last week that the introduction of the 700MHz frequency on the 4G network, which launched in selected parts of Bundaberg, would mean increased capacity for the local mobile network, giving locals improved and more consistent data speeds.

Telstra Central Queensland and Sunshine Coast general manager Kris Carver said while the 700MHz frequency would be helpful during a large-scale incident, customers should only use their phone in case of an emergency.

Bundaberg Acting Mayor David Batt said, over time, increased capacity and speed should enhance residents’ and visitors’ ability to access information throughout a disaster event.

“Enhancing this capability provides greater opportunity for residents and visitors to access reliable and valid information,” he said.

But, Mr Carver said, the use of a dedicated spectrum for emergency services was still in the development stage and trialled at the Woodford Folk Festival last year.

“At its simplest level it allows us to manage lanes of heavy network traffic, like you would manage road traffic, to provide dedicated telecommunications access to emergency services during a large scale incident,” he said.

Read the full story by Jim Alouat, NewsMail on 22 September 2014.