Charles Sturt University’s Doctor of Public Safety

Charles Sturt University’s Doctor of Public Safety equips graduates with a unique competitive advantage and is the first degree of its kind in Australasia. Graduates will have a critical understanding of a substantial and complex body of knowledge at the frontier of their discipline or area of professional practice.

Why study this course?

CSU’s Doctor of Public Safety meets the increasing demand of professionals in Public Safety who are looking for a Doctoral degree that enables a significant and original contribution to knowledge in the context of professional practice. Students gain substantial knowledge of research principles and methods applicable to their professional field of Public Safety, equipping them with the ongoing capacity to generate new knowledge in their professional practice.

As a professional doctorate, the Doctor of Public Safety comprises 30% coursework and 70% research. During the coursework phase students are assigned supervisors and develop solid research methodology and literature review chapters, preparing them to enter the research and dissertation phase with confidence.

Research areas

Public safety embraces a broad range of professions and activities including emergency and disaster management, public health, humanitarian relief, crisis communication, fire investigation, policing, security, border management, local government, water, electricity, NGO’s and social services.

Examples of possible research areas include various aspects of:

  • public health
  • emergency & disaster management
  • evacuation and recovery centres
  • disaster economics
  • crisis communications
  • early warning systems
  • structural and wildfire investigation
  • volunteering
  • search and rescue
  • biosecurity and pandemic response
  • leadership, management & decision making
  • aviation security
  • humanitarian relief
  • water and electricity services
  • psychosocial aspects of recovery
  • border security and management
  • community preparation and recovery

Academic expectations

There are no on-campus requirements, however there will be opportunities to attend workshops in person or online, and you will be expected to present your proposal to Faculty and peers. Overseas students will need to access via Skype or similar for this event.

Expectations relating to academic, workplace learning, time and cost requirements for specific subjects are provided in the subject abstracts and in course materials.

The Doctor of Public Safety may be studied full or part time. For a full listing of course information, expectations and contact procedures, click here.

Applications for the Doctor of Public Safety may be submitted at any time. You may wish to contact the Course Coordinator, Assoc Prof Hank Prunckun to discuss the application process.

About the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security

Established in 1993, the Australian Graduate School of Policing and Security (AGSPS) is globally recognised as a leading provider of postgraduate research and education for professionals in law enforcement, counterterrorism, and security and emergency management studies.

Our students learn to meet the complex challenges faced by professionals in a fast changing world and develop the creative intellectual capacity and skills that are sought to fill senior positions in policing, compliance, security, emergency management and fire investigation agencies.

We recognise that busy professionals require access to high quality courses that are intellectually rigorous and challenging, but that fit with career and lifestyle commitments. Our courses are designed to provide this intellectual rigour and online learning offers the flexibility to study when it suits you.

Here are a number of other CSU courses which may interest you. As with the Doctor of Public Safety, all study is completed by distance and most courses have mid-year and summer session intakes.

Master of Emergency Management

Emergency management has become recognised as a distinct field of study that is required for progression to senior and executive levels of management in statutory emergency services, community and health services, and local government. Students undertake a study of recent advances influencing emergency and risk management through the conduct of a research project which includes a comprehensive literature search and analysis.

Graduates are encouraged to apply for entry into the Doctor of Public Safety.

For a full listing of course information, expectations and contact procedures, click here.
Bachelor of Emergency Management

The Bachelor of Emergency Management is designed to respond to all sectors of industry, commerce and government that have an interest in asset management and asset protection, through furthering educational opportunities for those working in the disciplinary field of risk management.

For a full listing of course information, expectations and contact procedures, click here.


Bachelor of Public Safety and Security

New to CSU, this course looks to further the education of practitioners already working in the field.

For a full listing of course information, expectations and contact procedures, click here.

Application details to commence a Master or Bachelor course are located here. Apply today.

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