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Becoming Fire-Fit: Preparing for the Unexpected and the Unimagined

Greetings! My name is Rachel Westcott. I’m a veterinarian, emergency manager and researcher. I’m delighted to be back at ANZDMC in 2019. I completed my PhD in 2018, as part of the Bushfire & Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre’s Managing Animals in Disasters project. My PhD topic is essentially public-health- meets-natural-hazards, and is about normalising

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What’s the Future for Fire Protection in Australia?

The Grenfell fire disaster in London serves as a stark reminder about why properly installed and maintained working fire protection systems are so critical. While the cause of the Grenfell fire is not yet known, the extraordinary speed at which the fire spread is widely believed to have been aided by the building’s recently added

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Where to Take Refuge in Your Home During a Bushfire

When you live in a bushfire-prone area you can’t ignore the danger. Most individuals and families address this necessity by preparing a bushfire survival plan. The best way to survive a bushfire is not to be there when it arrives. For most Australian fire agencies the “leave early” policy has largely replaced the previous “stay and defend or

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Insurance losses from summer catastrophes in Australia pass half a billion dollars

Updated figures from the Insurance Council of Australia (ICA) show the combined cost of the four catastrophes it has declared since November has passed $515 million. Over the past seven weeks, the ICA has declared catastrophes for South Australia’s Pinery bushfires (November 26), the Sydney tornado (December 17), the Great Ocean Road bushfires in Victoria

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Online alerts scheme for emergencies – Alert SA

A promotional campaign has been launched for the new multi-Agency website and app Alert SA, which can send real-time alerts about emergencies and day-to-day disruptions to phones, devices and desktops. The Alert SA website and mobile application are managed by the SA Fire and Emergency Services Commission (SAFECOM) and bring together information from up to

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Fire Rescue Safety Australia confirms sponsorship

The Australian & New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference is pleased to announce Fire Rescue Safety Australia Pty Ltd has become a sponsor of the event, being held at Jupiters Gold Coast 3-5 May 2015. Fire Rescue Safety Australia Pty Ltd (FRSA) is an industry specialist offering a unique capability.  They offer a complete managed solution encompassing

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