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3 Reasons Paramedics Quit – and How We Can Prevent It

Whether it’s providing first aid, removing people from life-threatening situations, tending to the sick or speeding on scene to an emergency, a paramedic’s daily duties are far from an easy feat. While praised for hard work and a selflessness to help others, paramedics are also more prone to suffer in silence – and without the

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Opportunities for emergency management volunteers

We are proud to share an exciting opportunity available for volunteers in the emergency management sector. The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience (AIDR) have just opened a round of the Emergency Management Volunteer Scholarships program. These scholarships support volunteers in the emergency and disaster management sector to access vocational and higher education in relevant fields.

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National support network needed for police mental health

A national network providing support to police experiencing trauma should be established to better deal with officers’ mental health, the national police unions has said. In its submission to a senate inquiry examining the mental health of emergency workers, the Police Federation of Australia recommended an independent service provider network be set up in every state

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When is it OK to call an ambulance?

When would you call 000 for an ambulance? When a fall results in a nasty fracture? Concern that labour is progressing so rapidly that you’ll give birth before you can get to hospital? Weakness from prolonged vomiting and diarrhoea? If you take a look at some Australian ambulance websites, none of these examples meet their definition

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PTSD: Call for State Government to Recognise Occupational Stress as Cause

Emergency services personnel suffering post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are calling on the State Government to legally recognise occupational stress as a cause for the condition. Niddrie man Matt Ross has spent the past year clawing his way back from the brink of darkness after years of exposure to trauma during a 20-plus-year career as a

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Hospitals feel the heat too from extreme weather and its health impacts

As southeastern Australia swelters through another heatwave, how well equipped are our hospitals to cope with severe weather events? Hospitals lie at the heart of our ability to manage the significant potential health impacts of extreme weather events. Many people would be surprised to hear that the vast majority of our hospitals have not been

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Government crackdown on people who assault emergency service workers

A new television advertisement will be used to underline the State Government’s crackdown on people who assault emergency service workers. Legislation to be brought before State Parliament this week will introduce mandatory six-month minimum jail sentences for attacks. The laws will cover ambulance officers, paramedics, nurses and midwives, child protection workers and correctional staff. The

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