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Destructive Wind Gusts Likely as Cyclone Trevor Approaches North East Queensland

Cyclone Trevor was officially named at 5am this morning as a tropical low in the Coral Sea intensified overnight into the Category 1 system. Trevor is expected to move west-southwest today before strengthening and making landfall near Lockhart River late Tuesday as a Category 2 system. Bureau of Meteorology Weather Services Manager, Dr Richard Wardle,

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New resilience strategy highlights the disasters that could bring Sydney to a shuddering halt

Australia’s largest metropolis has simply been “lucky” to avoid a city stopping disaster, a group of resilience experts have said. But Sydney’s luck could be about to run out, and if the city isn’t felled by extreme heatwaves and terror attacks, more insidious creeping catastrophes such as housing affordability and chronic illness could do it

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Emergency services preparing for potential flood disaster

This is the eye-opening map which shows almost an entire state flooded — and the situation will only get worse with more heavy rain on the way. Victoria is bracing for further chaos after heavy rain battered the state, with forecasters predicting another widespread drenching next week for eastern Australia. SES Victoria spokesman Stefan Delatovic

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Ebola guidelines for mass events

Guidelines covering mass gatherings worldwide in the wake of the Ebola virus outbreak have been developed by Flinders University’s World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Mass Gatherings and High Consequence Events, located in Adelaide, South Australia. The guidelines are being used by international event organisers and health authorities to plan for large scale public events

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October 2013 NSW Bush Fires – The challenges, experiences and outcomes

Mr Anthony Clark, Group Manager, Corporate Communications, NSW Rural Fire Service will present a Case Study at the 2014 Australian and New Zealand Disaster & Emergency Management Conference: The October 2013 NSW Bush Fires – The challenges, experiences and outcomes. 2013 saw some of the most challenging fire conditions NSW has experienced in more than

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Mobile communications improve disaster relief – Reviewed.com

Natural disasters are on the rise. Reported incidents have more than doubled since 1980, and in 2010 alone, the combined impact of earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and other calamities forced 42 million people to flee their homes. Thankfully, advances in mobile communications have spread to all corners of the globe, providing the victims of disasters much

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A Resilient Community is an Informed Community

The start of 2013 saw significant flooding events in Queensland and NSW, Queensland’s second major flood crisis in two years, and destructive bushfires across three states. As the world faces increasingly volatile weather patterns, agencies are being challenged to find improved ways to protect the community from the adverse impacts of natural disasters. Additionally, the

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