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Bureau of Meteorology predicts possible cyclone, El Nino this Wet season

Long-range weather forecasters are warning Top Enders to brace themselves for another eventful Wet season with a possible cyclone and heavy rains predicted. The cyclone predictions come as clouds of uncertainty hang over when the Gunner Government plans to start putting power lines underground, six months after Cyclone Marcus left some 28,000 homes in the

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Be prepared the best motto for cyclone season

Don’t be one of the hundreds of people vying for the last torch at the hardware store when a cyclone heads to Darwin. Save yourself from stress and the possibility of missing out by preparing your cyclone kit before a cyclone is bearing down on the Territory. Keep in mind that power may go out,

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What’s your backup power plan this cylone season?

So you live in an area affected by cyclones? Although there are many well-documented ways you can prepare your home or business for the storm season, one thing that is often overlooked is the impact that power outages can have on your comfort, livelihood and safety. Power outages are an inevitable and frustrating side-effect of the

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Ride out cyclone with checklist

Refer to the following guide, provided by Emergency Management Australia and the NT Emergency Service, to protect your family and property. ONCE A CYCLONE WATCH IS ISSUED • Re-check your property for any loose material and tie down (or fill with water) all large, relatively light items such as boats and rubbish bins • Fill

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