Virtual Reality, Drones and Big Data Changing the Way Firefighters Approach the Job

A new virtual reality technology promises to change the way firefighters safely train and prepare for particularly dangerous situations in the line of duty. Dubbed the FLAIM trainer, the Australian innovation is just being released on the market after being developed over the past two years at Deakin University in Victoria.

Training For a Nightmare: How First Responders Prepare For The Worst

As rescuers scanned for life in sub-zero temperatures after the Thredbo landslide, the dangerously unstable site and freezing conditions stalled search efforts and caused equipment to seize. One of Australia’s most popular holiday spots became…

Facebook Trials Australian Bush Fire and Disaster Planning Feature

Facebook is trialling a location data-driven feature which it believes will help authorities combat bush fires in Australia, as well as tackling other disasters around the world, and it hopes to have the feature ready…

Keep Looking When Cooking Campaign in Bid to Prevent Deadly House Fires

Fire & Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is urging people to take extra precautions in the kitchen to protect themselves from deadly house fires, which have already claimed five lives this year. FRNSW Community Safety and Research…

Plans for Firefighting Force with No Board Nor CEO Stir Up Smouldering Concerns

Victoria’s new urban firefighting force would not have a board ¬†or chief executive, raising concerns that its new commissioner would simply act as a rubber stamp for government. Under the controversial overhaul of firefighting, Fire…

Change Needed To Remedy Public Hospitals

This content is produced by The Australian Financial Review in commercial partnership with the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Government policy changes are needed to facilitate greater choice for public hospital patients undergoing elective surgery, a…
May 31, 2017

Staying healthy in the heat

Queensland Health Prolonged hot weather can affect anybody. It may make existing medical conditions worse and can cause heat-related illness. In some cases heat effects may be fatal. It may also affect community infrastructure such…
December 2, 2016