Australia leads advances in disaster management

Disaster management has emerged as a serious career option with the potential to take workers to all parts of the world. It is also an area where Australia is an acknowledged world leader.

“There is a whole range of important jobs being created in this area, with acute demand in Asia,” Associate Professor Anne Tiernan from Griffith Business School says.

Not only is she upbeat about the job prospects opening up in disaster and crisis management, but she is also excited about the part Griffith University is playing in “fostering cross-disciplinary skills and expertise to meet this new demand”.

She says the world, and in particular the Asia Pacific region, is increasingly vulnerable to unexpected shocks, severe crises and disaster situations, not least because of climate change.

“This includes working across the phases of disaster prevention, preparedness, response and recovery,” Associate Professor Tiernan says.

“An effective response requires collaboration between governments, businesses, communities and individuals, and coordination among professionals and volunteers. This spans a broad spectrum from police and emergency services, to health and community workers, policy advisers, communications and social media, to humanitarian and other non-government organisations.”

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