Are You Prepared?

The Queensland State Emergency Service (SES) is a “not-for-profit, community, volunteer, emergency service organisation that is enabled by both State and local governments. It shares its highly recognised name with States and Territory State Emergency Service (SES) organisations throughout Australia. With approximately 6,000 active, unpaid members the SES performs a diverse range of functions to respond to local, State and National disasters and emergencies.


Don’t wait till it’s too late – Be Storm Safe.

The State Emergency Service (SES) is the lead response agency for floods, storms and tsunamis across Queensland.

Functions of the SES include helping to ensure that communities throughout the state are adequately prepared to reduce the impact of these events.

Assisting communities prepare for these events can reduce the damage, loss and costs associated with floods, storms and tsunamis. The protection of life is the priority for the SES in these events.


Help the SES by:

  • Helping yourself, your family, your neighbours and/or vulnerable people within the community
  • Keeping your gardens and trees maintained
  • Keeping your gutters clear
  • Be Prepared
  • Listen to instructions and warnings
  • Keep an emergency kit
  • Ensure you have clear drainage around your house
  • Have tarps ready for internal use
  • Have sandbags, plastic and sand ready to sandbag your doors.

SES members are helping you while their properties are being impacted too.

​132 500

During an emergency or disaster, calls to this number increase significantly therefore it could take hours and even days before the SES are able to come to you. If you can help yourself then they have more time to assist vulnerable members of the community.

For information  on Volunteering with the SES please click here.