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Podcasts 2014 - Sessions

  Risk Management
Reducing Communities Risk to Coastal Inundation Events in Auckland
Mr Richard Woods Manager Planning and Intelligence, Auckland Council
RISERnet: Situational awareness using environmental sensor networks
A/Prof Matt Duckham, Associate Professor, University of Melbourne
Emergency Risk Management in Australia and the Pacific: Information Policy and Governance
Mr Ken Granger, Director, Environmental Risk Science and Audit Pty Ltd ERSA
Victorian Fire Risk Register: Supports and informs your plan
Miss Elizabeth Calder, Team Leader Risk Intelligence, Country Fire Authority
Preparing for the Future Risks of Modernity
Ms Kate Fitzgerald, A/Director, National Disaster Recovery Programs Branch, Emergency Management Australia
Are There Better Ways to Quantify Flood Risk to Life
Mr Steven Molino, Principal, Molino Stewart
  Policy and Governance
The Vulnerable Persons in Emergencies Policy: Hiding vulnerable people in plain sight
Mr Donald Garlick, Manager: Emergency Management, Ballarat Health Services
Providing for legal issues in disaster management: lessons from New Zealand and the USA
Prof Jeremy Finn, Professor of Law, University of Canterbury
Disaster Management: Creating a Framework to Provide Assurance
Mr Iain Mackenzie, Inspector General Emergency Management, Office of Inspector General Emergency Management
Unofficial Evacuation Centres and Community Resilience
Mr Mitchell Clout, Planning Officer - Disaster Welfare, NSW Ministry for Police and Emergency Services
Resilience objectives compromised by current Emergency Management Policy and Funding Frameworks
Prof Jim McGowan, Adjunct Professor, Griffith University
  Social Media and Technology

Case Study - The October 2013 NSW Bush Fires - The challenges, experiences and outcomes
Mr Anthony Clark, Group Manager, Corporate Communications, NSW Rural Fire Service

Social Media and Disaster information: Lessons from New Zealand
Ms Sara Page, GeoNet Public Information Specialist, GNS Science`
Queensland Natural Disasters 2011 and 2013 - a comparative study of social media engagement
Dr Gwyneth V.J. Howell, Senior Lecturer, University of Western Sydney
Improving the Post Impact Assessment process for fire-devastated Grampians region using mobile technology and the cloud - a case study
Mr Scott Davey, Managing Director, Crisisworks
"All that I'm hearing from you is white noise": Social media aggregation as a solution for Brisbane City Council in emergency response
Ms Tracy Whitelaw, Senior Social Media Strategist, Brisbane City Council
Models for Social Media Adoption in Emergency Management Organisations
Ms Judith Newton, Queensland University of Technology
  Human and Social Issues
Resilience in the Face of Disaster: Evaluation of a Community Development & Engagement Initiative in Queensland
Mrs Sarah Dean, Senior Advisor Disaster Management, Tablelands Regional Council
Here we go again: Views of Short-Cycle Disaster Preparedness in the Australian Context
Associate Professor John Rice, Griffith Business School, Griffith University
Willingness of Australians to contribute now for long term natural disaster mitigation
Dr Constance Lever-Tracy, Adjunct with Full Academic Status (Retired), Sociology Flinders University of South Australia
Beyond Vulnerability: Developing Disaster Resilience Capacities to target household preparedness activities
Mr John Richardson, National Coordinator-Preparedness, Australian Red Cross
Resilience - a Proactive Solution to the Challenges of Crisis Intervention
Mr Peter Kueffer, Clinical Director, Victoria State Emergency Service
  Volunteer Involvement
Volunteer engagement and alignment: Observations of a volunteer on the value of empowerment and a shared set of core values
Mr Tony Marks, Volunteer Officer, RFSQ
  Relief and Recovery
Reconstructing Queensland – progress, challenges and learnings
Major General Richard Wilson, Chair, Queensland Reconstruction Authority
Evacuation Planning – Shaping Future Thinking
Mr Ben Millington, Manager, Emergency Management Co-ordination, NSW Rural Fire Service
Ms Dianne Gordon, Regional Emergency Management Officer, NSW Police Force
Collaboration - the 'Clearway' to capability
Mr Doug Caulfield, OAM, RFD, MAIES, Principal Consultant, Emergency Management Network Solutions
Little-Known Aussie Innovators in Aceh who helped to redefine professionalism in disaster recovery
Mr Owen Podger, Professional Associate, Institute of Governance and Policy Analysis
The practicalities of restoring personal property in response to major incidents
Miss Victoria Bovill-Lamb, Lecturer, Charles Sturt University
12 months on: A story of Relief, Recovery and Resilience after the 2013 Mundubbera Floods, Queensland
Ms Jan-Adele Hotz, Director of Nursing, Mundubbera Health Service, Queensland Health
Mr Peter Van Breemen, Acting District Supervisor, North Burnett Regional Council
Ms Trisha Hansen,
Manager Corporate & Community Services, North Burnett Regional Council
Phil Duncan, District Safety Manager, Wide Bay Hospitals and Health Services
Large scale evacuation planning
Dr Victor Pillac, Researcher, NICTA
Emergency Response Intelligence Capability: Improving Situation Reporting in the Australian Government Department of Human Services
Mr Robert Power, Research Team Leader, CSIRO
Mr John Dickinson, Director Emergency Management, Australian Government Department of Human Services
City of Gold Coast using cloud technology to provide total situational awareness during an emergency for multi-agency response
Mr Peter McNamee, Executive Coordinator Disaster Management, City of Gold Coast
  Crisis Management
Auckland’s Crisis and Emergency Management Approach
Mr Clive Manley, Civil Defence and Emergency Management Director, Auckland Council
Crisis Management within an Incident Management Structure
Mr Craig Hynes, Operations Manager, Executive Risk Solutions
The Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub: pioneering interactive emergency management knowledge exchange
Ms Raelene Thompson, Assistant Secretary/Executive Director, Attorney-General's Department
  Community Engagement
"Be Fire Ready Warrandyte" Community Resilience Project - A Case Study
Mr Lew Wilson, Emergency Management Coordinator, Manningham City Council
CALD People Building Disaster Resilience in Marginalised Communities: A Win-Win Volunteer and Community Engagement Model
Mr Collin Sivalingum, Emergency Services Coordinator, Australian Red Cross
Retreat in Response to Disaster: Kaiapoi and the 2010-11 Canterbury Earthquakes, New Zealand
Mr Simon Markham, Manager Policy and Customer Service, Waimakariri District Council, NZ
  Mental Health
Promoting posttraumatic growth in police recruits: Preliminary results from a randomised control trial of a resilience intervention
Dr Colette Roos, Project Manager, Queensland University of Technology
Dr Jane Shakespeare-Finch, Associate Professor, Queensland University of Technology
Caring for emergency service personnel: Does what we do work?
A/Prof Jane Shakespeare-Finch, Associate Professor, Queensland University of Technology
  Open Topics
The role of the built environment in risk mitigation, resilience and disaster recovery
Dr Wendy Miller, Senior Research Fellow, Science and Engineering Faculty, Queensland University of Technology
Meteorological Services meeting Future Emergency Planning and Response
Dr Dasarath Jayasuriya, Assistant Director Water Forecasting, Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Why pets matter in disaster: Don’t shoot yourself by shooting them
Mr Steve Glassey, Associate Director, Centre for Risk, Resilience & Renewal, University of Canterbury