Disaster and Emergency Management Conference 2013 - Podcasts
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Day 2 2013
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Day 2 Session Speakers

Human and Social Issues

Indigenous Insights on Disaster and Emergency Management - Dr Simon Lambert

Mapping shifting community recovery issues over the 4 years post bushfires - Dr Lisa Gibbs

The January 2011 Brisbane Floods: Recovery and Resilience - Mr Valdis Juskevics

Resilience to fires and floods: The importance of the response process - Ms Gisela van Kessel

Natural Disaster in Regional Australia: From Recovery to Renewal - Mr Jack Archer

Policy and Governance

After the Crisis: Recovery Four Years On - Dr Jessica Freame

Saving lives in dangerous places: the international legal frameworks applicable to humanitarian action - Ms Eve Massingham

The Value of Engineering and Logistics Capabilities Collaborating in Support of Disaster Management - Mr Neil Greet

The role of local government in recovery: A case study of the Waimakariri District Council's postearthquake Community-based Recovery Framework - Dr Suzanne Vallance & Mr Simon Markham
Unprecedented but not Unpredictable - Why Leaders Fail to Act - Mr Greg Linsdell
Thinking outside the polygon: Spatial Information for Social Protection and Disaster Management - Mr Paul Box
Relief and Recovery
The training and integration of clergy and chaplains in post-disaster response and recovery - Dr Stephen Robinson
Effective Time Management in Post- Disaster Reconstruction - Mr Ben Norling
Humanitarian Aid: does rapid response undermine community resilience? - Ms Marianne Jago-Bassingthwaighte
Deluges and conflagrations - The practicalities after the event - Mr Mark Silveira
Major Evacuation Centre Planning in NSW – Deniliquin Temporary Accommodation Centre - Mr Gregory Gibbs
Application of the Conservation of Resources Theory to understanding coping and adjustment in Police staff 12-18 months following the Canterbury earthquakes - Dr Deborah Snell
Risk Management
When location really matters: Using GIS for natural disaster risk reduction - Mr Josh Venman
The Victorian Schools Bushfire Protection Project - Mr Cormac Farrell
Emergency Planning and Preparedness for Major Hazard Facilities and Fire Services - Mr Stuart Harvey
Variability and trends in temperature and precipitation extremes - Ms Doerte Jakob
Social Media & Internet
Harnessing the power of social media - Local solutions for local problems - Mr David Owens
How to Ensure Mobile Applications (Apps) and the Online Space are Used Effectively in Times of Disaster - iApps
Harnessing the power of real and virtual social networks during disasters - Mrs Amanda Gearing
Social Media Disaster information, fast and in your pocket: How GeoNet has embraced Social Media and mobile technology - Miss Sara Page
NZ's first public alert system with mobile apps to warn Aucklanders of natural disasters and emergencies - Mr Glyn Walters
Developing a user friendly FireWatch site: Debunking sociotechnological assumptions about Internet users in remote communities - Dr Donell Holloway