Disaster and Emergency Management Conference 2013 - Podcasts
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Business Continuity

Standing ready for the worst……how the QLD state disaster coordination centre (SDCC) response capability was conceived and deployed in less than twelve months - Mr Mark Armstrong

Innovative Solutions for Program Sustainment and Continuity - Miss Nicole Ishmael & Mr John Ash

Open Papers

Longer term individual and community needs after natural disaster: The experience of Central Queensland - Mr Redzo Mujcic

Mapping worst case communication pathways - Mr George Corea & Ms Sarah Dean

A framework for identifying named entities from social media discussions in crisis situation - Mr Avijit Paul

Community Engagement

Understanding Community Resilience: Learning from the Theodore Community - Ms Catherine O'Mullan

Experience in local community engagement for prepardness planning in Auckland - Mr Clive Manley

Reviewing for Resilience: A fifth phase? - Mr Grant Gillon

" Mundubbera - Floating To a Halt " - the Rural Impact of Cyclone Oswald - Ms Jan-Adele Hotz, Mr Phillip Duncan & Mrs Judy Morton
Current trends in emergency management education - Dr Valerie Ingham & Mr Ian Manock
Crisis Management
Hurricane Sandy – Can we achieve both growth and resilience? - Ms Kate Fitzgerald
Designing a decision support system to aid evacuation planning - Dr Hayden Betts
Emergency Response Intelligence Capability: Improving Situational Awareness in the Australian Government Department of Human Services - Mr John Dickinson & Mr Robert Power
Earthquake Response: Preparing for the First Hour - Mr Adam Pascale
A Resilient Community is an Informed Community - Ms Kerrie Purcell
Mental Health
Specialized Psychiatric services for Adult Mental Health Care: Recovery following the Queensland Natural Disasters 2010 – 2012 - Dr Mark Wallace
Social support promotes psychological well-being following a natural disaster - A/Prof Jane Shakespeare-Finch
A review of teacher-mediated interventions to support mental health and wellbeing amongst children following a natural disaster - Dr Carlie Darling
Volunteer Involvement
The True Value of Volunteer Emergency Services: Their Role in Building Social Capital and Disaster Resilient Communities - Ms Vanessa Brown
Australian Volunteer Program Partnerships: Lessons Learned - Mr Jeff Barnard
Community Helping Community: VCRCG Program - Mr Bob Roberson