Adelaide City Council creates CBD disaster plan

Tim Williams | City Messenger | April 26, 2013 11:02 AM

PLANS to rebuild city landmarks, demolish unsafe buildings and dump rubble in the parklands after a major disaster are part of a new City Council emergency blueprint.

The plan for the event of terrorism, earthquake, fire or pandemic comes as the US copes with the aftermath of the Boston bombings and Texan fertiliser plant explosion.

Work is underway to implement the plan over the next three years, including:

Plans include:

CREATING a register of designs for city landmarks, such as the Town Hall, so they could be rebuilt if damaged or destroyed;

SUPPORTING SA Health to create a triage centre in the CBD;

DEVELOPING an emergency procedure in the event the Torrens Lake and weir flooded;

A TEMPLATE for households to make their own emergency plans, covering insurance, building safety, evacuations and looking after pets; and

ENSURING all city buildings have evacuation procedures, especially student housing.

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